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In this rapidly growing networked environment Web Applications are invading the segment that was earlier the forte of Software Applications. These Web Applications have an advantage over Software Applications, as these are NOT restricted to a standalone computer or a small network; web applications are easily accessed through Internet or Intranet to millions of peoples simultaneously, thus making its access global.

Prism Software India Web application development team works in a wide array of industries bringing unique combination of technical expertise, functional knowledge base, result oriented management and extensive experience. Our solutions are always highly scalable and designed to handle big volume of database load.

Prism Software, India offers custom web application development using Cold Fusion, PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, XML, Flash, AJAX & Java Framework.

Benefits of web based applications are : Cross platform compatibility, Secure and centralized data storage, Highly deployable, Reduced maintenance cost, Multiple concurrent users, Minimal hardware and technology cost.

Customized Web Based Application Development Solutions :

  • Database front-end & back-end development.
  • Ecommerce solutions.
  • Custom Web development - B2B & B2C Websites
  • Web development - Portal Development
  • Custom eCommerce shopping cart development.
Prism Software Professional Web Application Developers Offers :
  • Develop functional specifications
  • Write documentation
  • Train end users
  • Provide on-going technical support

Prism Software custom web application design and development services

  • Provide custom services to give you a upper hand and ease of work.
  • Provide business processes for which solutions are unavailable.
  • Keep your ebusiness and requirements up-to-date.
  • Reduce cost since new features are developed only when needed.
  • NO license fees, resulting in reduction in cost.
  • Create efficiency by developing custom features as per your needs.
  • Time saving as you will only work on your opted modules.
Web Application Development using Open Source Softwares

We try to use popular combination of open source software to develop and deploy web applications. This combination is often known as LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). For dynamic applications, we use Professional Hypertext Pre-Processor (PHP), which has surpassed Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) in usage for dynamic web applications.The popularity of PHP is also due in large part to its integration capabilities with open-source database software like MySQL.

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