RTML is a language for describing web sites. Though designed to be easy for users with no programming experience, it is quite a powerful language.

Yahoo Store is an affordable e-commerce platforms for small and medium-sized businesses. We have vast experience in Yahoo Store Design & Development, the number #1 shopping portal which gives exposure to millions of active internet surfers.

Our experienced RTML PROGRAMMERS provide Yahoo Store Design Features as under :

  • Attractive and user friendly interface
  • Custom buttons wherever necessary
  • Custom header design
  • Text menu for search engine optimization
  • Easily managed navigation bar
  • Cross Sell items on the page
  • Variation in price facility
  • Shopping Cart
  • Customer Login
  • Featured Product
  • Cross Sales
  • Dynamic product paging in yahoo store
  • Multiple image for products
  • Dynamic HTML Menu
  • News-letter(As per your requirement)
  • Refer a friend
  • Top sellers
  • Product paging management
  • Inventory management
  • Quantity editing area at the time of order placement
  • Order processing system

Yahoo Store Design Service includes :

  • Yahoo Store Development
  • Yahoo Store Designing
  • Yahoo Store Redesign
  • Featured Yahoo Store
  • Yahoo Store Cross Selling
  • Yahoo Store Search Engine Optimization
  • Yahoo Store Maintenance
  • Custom Yahoo Store Design

We provide fully custom Yahoo Stores created to match your specifications. This solution involves Custom Design, Custom RTML Programming and original functionality features. This option gives full control over the design and usability of the Yahoo Stores to RTML. We will develop custom systems to match your Yahoo Store needs. Custom design combines custom layout design of homepage or product pages, RTML functionality and other add-to functionalities to fulfill your needs.

If you are interested in our RTML Programming Service, please Contact Us.

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