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Converting ideas of web development professionally into real websites and applications is Prism Software toil for our offshore clients. Making use of legacy and latest technologies, programming languages, frameworks and all possible web development tools according to demand is our speciality as we are engaged in web development & designing for the last many successful years. For faster and high class website development we offer Ruby on Rails web development to online businessmen, companies, groups, etc.

Our ROR developers/ programmers are quick to work on real terms of online business such as consulting clients and tweaking them for their website goals & designing idea and after layout preparation they convert it into themes. We also ensure that all design & development process should be according to W3C guidelines. In Ruby on Rails Development we cater:

» Ruby on Rails Layout Design » Ruby on Rails Hosting » Ruby on Rails Maintenance » Ruby on Rails Migration » Testing Environment » Web 2.0 application development based on latest Ruby on Rails

The Latest We Can Offer

Prism Software Ruby on Rails experts are active and open for any new updates from the active community on the web. Our research and development team is well coordinated with our developers / programmers and designers to implement new market updates. The novel updates on Ruby on Rails are well in practice with our Ruby on Rail developers / programmers and they are all set with latest from ROR community on the web. The novel versions of ROR are Rails 2.3.5 and 3.0 and Ruby 1.8.6, 1.9. The following are new updates that we are capable to implement in ROR web application development or we can develop robust ROR applications with them.


It is 100% implementation of Java with Ruby programming language and originally it is Ruby for JVM. JRuby provides an absolute set of core "builtin" classes & syntax for the Ruby language and Ruby Standard Libraries. According to experts most of the Standard libraries are Ruby's own set off of .rb files except few have been again implemented, which are depend on C language-based extensions.

Merb is the MVC framework introduced for more speedy work. It is thread-safe and the core objective is to handle multiple file uploads in parallel. It is light weight & powerful framework and the experts have not stuffed all the features in the single code, but the things are not exposed and not left anything vital. Moreover, the core code is organized in such way that it is very simple, easy to understand, maintain and extend.

Merb is Feature rich, flexible and extensible. With minimum code nothing is sacrificed and it is complete set of features that are flexible to improve. For the features, which are not covered in the core code, the experts use Ruby plugins for installation, updates and versioning. There are few main features that make the Merb a powerful framework such as:

  • Plugins - they are known as Rubygems’ versioning and dependency control.
  • Controllers - consisted of two codes such as AbstractController that handles layout- and template-finding and Merb::Controller that handles request/response semantics.
  • Mailers - they are implemented on top of AbstractController for default controller behavior.
  • Parts - it allows simple Controller/View delegation.
  • Exceptions - raising exceptions instead of errors in application code and sends the appropriate error-code back to the browser
  • Tests and Specs - built-in support for mock objects to test the applications and help coders.
  • Generators - consisted of folders for controllers, parts, and Mailers for faster execution.

It is the .NET implementation of Ruby programming language. Experts have done seamless integration with .NET libraries and infrastructure. IronRuby is providing power to Microsoft's Dynamic Language Runtime and both are released with complete source code under Microsoft Public License.

It is a powerful library for developing cross-platform graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for Ruby applications. Originally, it is developed by Jeroen van der Zijp, which is based on the FOX Toolkit, a well-liked open source C++ library. It allows application developers to write code in the ruby programming language as well as at the same time they can use the advantageous & feature rich and highly optimized C++ toolkit.

Prism Software professional ROR developers / programmers use a wide range of latest & core plugins for developing feature rich ROR applications for offshore clients. The popular and latest those we can offer in our professional ROR application development are as follows:

  • Pesel - this plugin is used for checking Pesel class & PESEL number to get the information about owner
  • Rails xss - This plugin is for rails 2.3 apps which switches the default to escape by default
  • NotifyBar - This is the same as twitter notification bar using jQuery for Ruby on Rails.
  • Muninator - This uses Munin for graphing of Rails internals
  • Snapmon - This plugin makes sure the application owner about application is being monitored and it can set up alerts by means of Text Message.
  • MailStyle - Making HTML emails simple. Allow writing css inline and corrects image urls.
  • Auditable - It is an ActiveRecord extension that allows for keeping audit logs of any updates made to a model.
  • ChainSelects - For building AJAX-based chained drop down select boxes.
  • Template inliner - It avoids the problem when to provide a big list of objects, Rails creates various View instances, requiring extra CPU and memory for each of them.
  • Chargify api ares - It is an API wrapper for Ruby using ActiveResource
  • Flash messages helper - It is simple » configurable rails view helper to display flash messages.
  • Remote Forgery protection - It is a Rails plugin that automatically adds authenticity token to Ajax requests.

Prism Software is expert in using the popular combination of RUBY object-oriented dynamically typed “scripting language” and RAILS Web application framework for the quick website development economically for our offshore clients. Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture pattern is used by Rails (web framework) to organize application programming. Moreover, it also provides “scaffolding” for the automatic construction of models and views, which are essentially needed to build basic websites and in case of databases it supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle databases.

Every technology gets popularity on the basis of certain principles, methodologies, features that make them more useful and efficient such as Ruby on Rails follow DRY, or Don’t repeat Yourself and COC or Convention over Configuration as well as Agile Development Methodology. It makes ROR technology popular among developers as it helps them to develop web application economically, in less time & code, plus cater facilities like code reusing in the development process.


Development of every website involve certain goal to achieve, our experienced ROR programmers and designers understand modern online business requirements very well, no matter for which industry
they are working. Similarly, appropriate web development service providing company is
important and clients don’t have any doubts about Prism Software.


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