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Prism Software is professional PHP service provider for the last many years on the web and creating the high quality PHP based applications / software and websites for offshore outsourcing clients. PHP is the open source programming language; we offer cost-effective web application to our global clients. During the process of providing PHP based solutions to clients, our experienced & talented PHP developers/programmers uses various PHP compatible frameworks and other technologies to produce faster, high quality and customized. In this regard, Zend Framework Development is one of our specialties.

Zend Framework Development (licensed under the New BSD License)

In this highly competitive market of web application development, programmers / developers seek easy & cost-effective methods, code reducing ways to save time & code repentance. Zend Framework offers various advantages for web development such as it is based on simplicity, it offers object-oriented best practices and several times tested agile codebase. Zend Framework emphasis on providing latest, secure, reliable Web 2.0 applications & web services as well as it consumes modern APIs from popular vendors like Amazon, Yahoo, Flicker and Google. The creators of this PHP based Framework focused on providing simple and productive solution for making robust, fast and easy web applications. The developers/programmers love this amazing framework as it is easy to learn and cost effective. This is made possible for the programmers from makers by offering extensible and well-tested code base, flexible architecture and no configuration files necessary to get going.

There are various technical features that are very useful for the developers and programmers for building up robust web applications in the easy manner.
  • All the components provided by the makers are fully object-oriented PHP5 and E_STRICT compliant.
  • Minimum interdependencies and loosely coupled components with "Use-at-wil" architecture (flexible).
  • The by default settings provided are PHP-based templates as well as extensible MVC implementation supporting layouts.
  • Zend Framework supports multiple database systems and vendors such as Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2 as well as Informix Dynamic Server.
  • With the help of mbox, Maildir, POP3 and IMAP4, the facility of email composition and delivery, retrieval is provided.

With the highly experienced team of developers / programmers and designers, Prism Software is all set to provide the Zend Framework Development. The company is providing web development services using a wide range of technologies and PHP programming & development is one of its specialties. The strong hold on the overall web development process, being a 100 % export oriented unit for software technologies, services to global clients, engagement with different industries have made the strong platform for providing high quality Zend Framework Development.

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