Migrate iPhone Applications to iPad
Custom-made Applications for Apple’s magnum opus,
the iPad Tablet PC
Creative and professional iPad Apps Development using the professional Apple SDK renders rich and unmatched media experiences that allow you to connect with your iPad in exciting ways to ginger up your experience on this model of excellence.

iPhone and iPod applications when run on the Apple iPad, they take advantage of its enlarged screen and multi-touch features. Development of existing iPod Touch / iPhone apps for the iPad gets you altogether a new experience when you use them on your iPad tablet. Though, Apple claims that all the 1,40,000 applications run unmodified on the iPad comfortably well, still you could view your favorite iPhone apps and iPod apps on the large-scale appearance and experience a different feel when you see them emerge on the wide 9.7 inch screen. Prism Software assists you in migrating an iPod/iPhone application to an iPad-optimized application.

Apple's every device is very popular and the Apple iPad tablet is no different. As soon as it has made itself available for use, the end users are as much interested in getting their iPhone and iPad apps migrated to their iPad as much as the iPad developers themselves. iPad developer community at Prism Software have equipped themselves for every small effort that is required for migration of iPhone apps to the Apple  iPad. Our expert iPad programmers work skillfully and use amazing techniques to create wonders while they work on migration of an existing iPhone app on to an iPad.

There are small modifications which should be done intelligently in order to make the iPhone apps work to take the full advantage of the exciting features of the iPad. Migration of the iPhone apps to iPad results into an absolutely different feel to the existing application as the application is newly created for making it iPad-compatible.  iPod / iPhone Application Migration to iPad would bring a new delight to your tablet device and watch the power of your iPod/iPhone application by migrating it to the new iPad  tablet with development of customized iPad apps from existing iPhone/iPod apps.

Prism Software brings you services from adroit iPad developers for programming of old iPhone apps to make them run on the iPad as if it were just made for the iPad. An iPad Developer at Prism Software possesses the comprehensive knowledge and rich experience in developing iPod and iPhone applications. We can migrate almost any iPhone application to the iPad including entertainment, health, lifestyle, books, music, and many more. So, don’t think further, just start migrating your iPhone applications for iPad with Prism Software now.

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