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“The basic logic behind hiring dedicated developers is to achieve high standard programming, quality work, and timely completion of work economically”. A dedicated developer / programmer is a professional in his core technical capabilities as well as well educated in supporting technologies to perform perfectly and faster meeting modern demands of the online business. Hire XUL developer from the pool of professional programmers of Prism Software to receive such technical & non technical qualities, which will surely help you to achieve your online business goals economically and on scheduled time.

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Prism Software - Hire XUL Developers

In the world of computer programming, several programming languages and other development standards are active for the developers. For the web-programming and design XUL (popularly known as “ZOOL” among developers) developers have developed good faith on XUL development because it is based on XML user interface markup language, which is developed by popular Mozilla. Moreover, XUL is very easy to bring in practice for the professionals that are experts in CSS, JavaScript, and DOM because XUL relies on these web standards and technologies.

Hire XUL Developers for:

  • XUL programming
  • Web Design & development
  • Customized XUL development
  • Firefox extensions and Plugins
  • Mozilla cross-platform applications
  • Constructive “Widgets” capable of running on several platforms
Special Dedicated Developer Program for Offshore Clients

“ Prism Software always appreciate long-term business relationships and high level of customer satisfaction, to meet all the web development and IT needs in economical way. We have developed a suitable Hire dedicated developer program for our offshore clients. Hire dedicated developer program is flexible in nature according to specific time-lines & project requirements and to provide customized services.”

  • Prism Software dedicated developer will be liable to work 8 Hours Day, 5 Days a Week- Monday to Friday and Holidays will be Saturday, Sunday and Indian National/Regional Holidays.
  • There will be no start up or maintenance costs or taxes charging rules.
  • All technical and non technical support will be provided for 24hrs especially for our offshore clients.
  • Connectivity with the offshore clients will be maintained via email and instant messengers.
  • Timely communication will be on high priority.
  • Project progress alerts will be maintained through daily & weekly working reports.
  • To maintain the consistency High Bandwidth Internet connection is available for offshore clients.
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