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Information and technology developments are great reasons for the growth of global online business industry. Flex is another open source framework that increased the flexibility and allowed easy modifications in the website development.

Flex is the product of or developed by Adobe systems, initially it was released in 1.0 / Released March 2004 and its latest version comes forward in 3.0.0 / February 25, 2008 (2008-02-25). The operating systems for flex are Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and it is available in English and Japanese languages. Flex is rich internet application and licensed under Mozilla Public License (Flex Builder and Flash Player under commercial license).

Flex is very flexible and productive open source framework. It use to produce very effective and attractive web applications and flexible to deploy consistently on the all major browsers, desktops and operating systems available in the industry. Flex applications can be built only using free flex SDK and developers can use Adobe® Flex® Builder™ 3 software to make the development process more fast and easy.

How we perform our Projects

As we have covered wide range of projects for various industries our professionals are experienced and keep good knowledge of online environment. We are always open to handle challenging projects and to provide ultimate solution to our customers. Open source web development projects are one of our specialties in the range of customized services we provide to our clients.

Following are few convincible reasons for our success in online projects :
  • Continues Research work for online developments
  • Well managed plans for timely delivery of projects
  • Advanced professional approach towards given tasks.
  • Experienced Team for each project